The Real Steps After Signing a Contract to Closing

Have you ever wondered who is behind each closing and all the steps that take place to get you there? When you close with Hyperion, you get the best closers and underwriters that we know!

Meet Melissa Morrison

Melissa has been in Southwest Florida since 1984, so she considers herself a “Floridian”. She started her real estate career in 1998 as a Closing Manager for a prominent Realtor in Fort Myers, from there she decided to explore Title Insurance. She started as a processor and worked her way up to closings. Melissa obtained her title insurance license in 2005 and since then title has been her passion. Customer Satisfaction and Client Education are her top priorities.

Chances are if you have done a closing with us, you have at least spoken with Melissa. You can check out her full profile and the rest of the Hyperion team here

Now that you know who you’re dealing with at Hyperion, what’s next? So your clients signed a contract, you send all the required documents to the Mortgage and Title Company. You are waiting for the closing, but what are you really waiting on? Here is a cool flow chart showing what steps have to happen from start to finish once the contract is out of your hands and before the actual closing.


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