5 Seemingly Small Things That Can Ruin A Deal

There are some common things to avoid in order to ensure that your contract makes it all the way to closing.  We outline some of the most important here.  

ONE: Bad Photos

You can place your blame with this on everything from more affordable professional equipment to something as simple as Instagram Filters, but you can’t deny the growing trend.

While Polaroid pictures have made a comeback, as of late, everyone wants quality pictures. It’s wise to invest in a professional photographer/videographer for all listings.

TWO: No Online Presence

Having a good website and social media presence is beyond necessary in today’s Real Estate market. In 2015, people want to know who and what they are dealing with, before dealing with them.

Be sure that you are incorporating the free marketing tools provided, such as Facebook and Instagram. Once you are using those accounts properly, you can begin implementing paid advertisements on those sites to increase your reach of potential clients.

Social media is not enough today. Make sure you also have a clean and updated website. Consumers today are checking out websites before becoming invested.

If you don’t even have a website, can you consider yourself a real business? Consumers don’t think so.

THREE: No Signage

I know, I know. It might seem like a bit of a contradiction from one and two, but it’s really not. With so many mobile applications, it’s easier than ever for people to locate and drive by homes for sale. Not only that, but it’s one more avenue to let people know that the home is available.

FOUR: Lack of Staging

Now that you have them in the doors, so to speak, make sure they love it. Sellers tend to think that staging is a waste of money, especially if they are proud of their, uh, unique style. Make it clear that the point of staging is to, in essence, create a blank slate. Potential buyers need to opportunity to envision themselves living there.

FIVE: Overpricing

Price matters! Overpricing a home will not net the seller more money. It will only elongate the amount of time on the market and the loss of potential buyers. Eventually when the listing price is dropped to a realistic price, many of their potential buyers will have already purchased a different home that was listed appropriately.

Remember, the market dictates the price of the home. Not the buyer, seller, or agent.

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