4 Topics Every Agent Should Cover

What are you discussing in your listing presentation with the sellers? Unfortunately for real estate agents, a listing presentation can be a bit of a challenge from time to time. There are four main areas you should be overly prepared to discuss.

1. Price Matters

Sometimes sellers come in with unrealistic expectations, often guided by tall-tell stories of a friend of a friend who made a fortune. Other times, it can simply be a case of sentimental value verses market value.

Be prepared before the meeting with an idea of how much the house is actually worth and bring documents to back-up your estimate. Take the time to find out information about the surrounding areas and pull comparable prices of homes that have recently sold in the area


Remember, the market dictates the price of the home. Not the buyer, seller, or agent.


2. Renovations Could Make All the Difference

Many times, just a few small renovations or updates can dramatically increase the bottom line. If the paint looks dull, the house feels dull. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for first impressions. They last thing you want is for something so small to scare a potential buyer away.


Too many small problems becomes one big problem-no sale.

3. Staging is Essential

Often times, décor reflects one’s personality. Even though you may find it to be gaudy and over the top, it may be just right to them. Approach staging from their point of view, no one likes to be told that their home isn’t up to par (especially if you have already discussed renovations). Some homes need some décor added while other homes need some removed. Take different staging examples with you as examples.


Remind your clients that Model Homes sell, because they work. No one would want to build the model home if they felt overwhelmed by it’s décor.

4. Serious Buyers are Always Looking

Depending on where you are located, there is always what realtors and potential sellers tend to think of as the “slow season”. However, serious buyers are looking–rain or shine.


Just because the weather outside might not be ideal, doesn’t mean people are not out searching for their dream home.

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