Give Yourself a Digital Makeover for 2015

With 2014 coming to an end, we will soon be saying, “Hello 2015”. We wish everyone a prosperous New Year and encourage you take to a leap of faith into the world of technology. You will not be disappointed with your results. Here is our guide to the Digital Makeover, just in time for 2015!


To many consumers, if you don’t have a website, you are not a real business. And if you have a bad website, well, that is even worse. In today’s technological world, everyone wants to see that you can advance with the times. Having an outdated website can really hurt your business too.

When updating your website, be sure to remember 3 key things:

  1. A website should be mobile responsive
  2. Clean and easy to navigate
  3. It should have a clear way to contact you



If you have not joined a social media site yet personally, it’s time to do so! And it’s time to get your business out there too! For the same reason that realtors began putting their pictures on all their advertising materials and everything they send out, having social media accounts that clients can see is lucrative. In today’s world, clients want to take the personal knowledge a step up. It’s not just good enough to see your head shot anymore. They want to see more about you, including your personality. Many people feel as though this can be seen through avenues such as Facebook or Instagram. Bear in mind, potential clients will be looking for these profiles, it may be wise to filter out some of the party pictures. Find out our top 5 tips for Agent’s Using Facebook here!



Regular print ads are a thing of the past. With all of the multiple media we get at once, reading an article can prove time consuming and difficult. 69% of people have said they would rather watch, or listen, to a video, according to The Guardian.

The same goes for listings, similarly to people wanting more than just a head shot, now people are wanting to view more than just pictures of a house. It is wise to invest in a professional photographer/videographer for all listings. Potential buyers are now looking to take a virtual tour of a house, prior to ever taking a real tour. If you fail to make them fall in love with your initial photos and video, they won’t even bother calling about it.



Now that you have your website up to par, and your social media profiles complete, it’s time to start marketing them. Beyond the free advertisement you can do through your social media accounts you should also purchase some online ads. According to Zillow, 92% of home buyers surveyed said that they used the Internet in the home search process. That is an exponentially high number of buyers to ignore their demand!

Another cool online tool, Google Analytics, will tell you which platforms are working for you. Once you start getting the data back on what does work, you can begin to tailor your marketing.



We all love our apps! Don’t forget to take advantage of your smart phone, if you are anything like the rest of the world, it is always near. An App from Zillow or Trulia can be very helpful for an agent, as well as, a business card reader. As an agent, you’re told to collect as many cards as possible. When using a card reader app, simply snap a photo of the business card and it will upload straight to your contacts. Don’t ever lose another number or e-mail address again!

Finding free Apps that can help you with listing presentations are priceless too! You can create a free account to run instant net sheets and even preliminary HUDs by signing up at here.

To Learn More About Getting a Digital Makeover for 2015 download our free ebook here.

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